Iber Connection Publicidad was established in 2001 with the aim of supplying promotional products to important brands for points of sale. Today we can see that this goal has been met with outstanding quality. A strong commitment and specialization have been two of the essential keys to position Iber Connection Publicidad as reference into our sector. Sourcing and the commercial team that is Iber Connection ensures the best overall choice between cost, quality, design and integrated management, development and purchase of promotional items to generate brand awareness.


Quality control, value for money of our clients, personalized monitoring and deadlines are basic premises to achieve meeting the targets set by marketing departments.




Production centers located on Guangzhou and Shanghai industrial belts:

Thanks to the close and extensive collaboration obtained with our Asian partners, Iber Connection meets the requirements generated by the market with strict production control. All processes have monitoring systems that ensure the specifications of the raw materials used during manufacturing and packaging stages.

The exclusive service provided by Iber Connection does not end with the production phase, the final distribution and logistics are key to the success of our operations, providing our customers with the supply of material in a personalized way and according to project needs. The globalization of markets and the creation of synergies has led to a parallel evolution of our business generating a field of international distribution. Iber Connection today serves more than 20 countries, with several delegations.



Represents the core business of Iber Connection. The import of these items has been provided for over 10 years and a great value in driving sales was reported by our customers. The favorable rate of return on the development of promotional activity at the point of sale, has shaped the wide range of customized products designed to enhance brand image. Both at the point of sale and through sponsorship activities or promotions on sales channels and final users.

Exclusivity increases the visibility of articles, Iber Connection, aware of this aspect, is using a high degree of design and development for all items offered. Our proposals are created with fundamental objectives: to capture consumer attention, directing the potential customer towards the product and of course facilitate sales of these brands.


Promotional items and licensed products are elements where Iber Connection also flushes its full potential and “know how” by providing significant support within the objectives of communication campaigns and having a low percentage of their total cost.



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